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Rise Ability Balloons Samantha Mather
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Rise Ability Samantha Mather Logo

By Dr Sam Mather

Enabling organisations, individuals and young adults to RISE.

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Twenty plus years’ experience developing mechanisms to maximise and improve the people capabilities of multi-national organisations inspired Dr Sam to research the key differentiators between the employees to learn, grow, be innovative, resilient and embrace change and those that, well, don’t.

Gathering data from organisations operating in a “VUCA” environment, Dr Sam took a brain-based approach to identifying the resources employees need to RISE. This led her to developing frameworks that create SAFE organisations and SOUND employees. Applying a neuroscience perspective when working with organisations enables the performance of leaders and employees to RISE.

Rise Ability Balloons Samantha Mather


Dr Sam is the author of the RISE series of books that are based on three years of research. These support leaders, individuals and young adults to develop, build and maintain their Resilience and Innovation, to be able to Switch their thinking enabling them to Evolve. Tools, techniques and exercises are provided in each book.

RISE Together Book Samantha Mather
RISE Book Samantha Mather
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The science and practice of creating and developing your cognitive resources for resilience and wellbeing.

This book gives you the tools to navigate life’s obstacles successfully and remain calm in challenging situations, maintain positive relationships and look after your mental health. Read this book to help you: • Understand how your brain works with – and against – you

• Create the right mental and emotional resources to succeed

• Learn how to use your resources in a flexible, innovative and smart way

• Improve your resilience and well-being

• RISE above that which does not serve you

RISE Book Samantha Mather
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A leaders’ guide to the science behind creating innovative, engaged and resilient employees.

Programmed to perceive change and unexpected events as a threat, the human brain can yet be conditioned to respond positively, avoiding unnecessary conflict and misunderstanding. This book will explain how you as a leader can:

• Understand how your employees respond to challenging circumstances, and why this matters

• Assess and improve cognitive resources in your employees

• Ensure your business is providing the five core comforts needed by workers to survive and thrive

• Create flexible, innovative and resilient employees

• Set people up to succeed, both individually and as a company

RISE Together Book Samantha Mather
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