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The RiseAbility team are all leadership development professionals familiar with the concepts of RISE. Within the team sits a range of leadership specialisms, industry experience and thinking styles. Together the team is able to support organisations in creating SAFE organisations and SOUND employees at both strategic and operational levels.

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Niamh has over 25 years’ experience in front-line roles and senior management positions for multinational blue-chip organisations, living and working in numerous European countries. In addition to designing and delivering Leadership and Management Development Programmes, she is an Executive Coach, working frequently with board level and senior management teams. Her qualifications and experience in Applied Neuroscience and Brain and Behaviour Change make her a key member of the RiseAbility team.

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Julie has years of experience working in large FMCG organising other people!  She now supports all the team when delivering online.  Whether using Zoom or Teams, Julie will make sure the sessions run smoothly, delegates have the support they need and importantly keeps us all to time!


Jacqui is a life coach and psychotherapist who supports individuals in dealing with personal life challenges such as relationship issues, mental or physical health as well as depression and anxiety. She is also a qualified hypnotherapist. Jacqui's skills compliment that of the executive coaches in recognising that in order to be able to RISE, how our cognitive resources are deployed outside of work is as important as within work.

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 Jeremy Tozer supports organisations in building their leadership and strategy execution capability, enabling enterprise-wide leadership as the driver of change and innovation, 'alignment of activity' and employee engagement.  

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Kevin has seventeen years’ experience of Leadership and Management Development, including Executive and Performance Coaching in order to enable leaders and teams to achieve both personal and organisational objectives. His expertise has been gained within sales and customer-focused environments. 

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