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Dr Sam shares her knowledge of leadership and psychological safety writing articles for online and printed professional publications. She also writes for health and well-being magazines. She is an engaging speaker and is often asked to guest on radio programs. 

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Digiday - "Signs you need to slow down"

The European - "Can we not do this anymore?" 

Psychological Safety is key to high performing happy employees, and there are certain words that threaten it, writes Neuro Practitioner Sam Mather.

CEO Today: How to Survive The Great Resignation

The neuroscience of my employees are leaving and how to improve the working experience

HR Futures: Build Psychological Safety to Succeed

Teams need Psychological Safety. Here's how to build it.

HR Director: How to lead in a brain friendly way

The Irish Tech News: Why an employees wellbeing is critical to thriving in a VUCA world.

Journal of the Institute of Leaderhip and Management

“Safe at Work: How can neuroscience help leaders and their teams perform at their best?” Journal of Institute of Leadership and Management, Spring 2022.

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Management Today: Can workplaces be too nice? 

Can creating a relentlessly positive culture actually be toxic? Is the tyranny of niceness undermining constructive conflict?

Digiday: “It’s a basic survival instinct’: Office gossip is vital for relationship building, but could be hindered in hybrid working setups, say experts"

Natwest Premierhub: Top ways to thrive while working from home

From reclaiming your space to setting your boundaries, we give you the lowdown on how to WFH, and be both productive and happy.

Making Home Working Easier

Published in: Manchester Weekly News, Liverpool Echo, Cambridge News, The News (Portsmouth), The Post (Bristol), The Sentinel (Stoke On Trent), Nottingham Post, South Wales Echo, Huddersfield Daily Examiner, Evening News (Norwich), Derby Telegraph, Burton Mail, Grimsby Telegraph, Western Morning News, Coventry Telegraph, Shropshire Star and Express and Star.

Sustain Health: 5 ways to give yourself an instant boost when working from home

The Daily Mail: Welcome to QuitTok! Gen Z employees lauded by Prince Harry for quitting work due to 'bad management, toxic work culture and long hours' celebrate their resignations on social media - but some admit they 'don't have a plan B'

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BBC Radio Leeds, Gayle Lofthouse, 20th October 2021

“How to develop your resilience”

Radio Ireland, NewsTalk with Bobby Kerr, 27th November 2021

"The death of command and control leadership"

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Maintaining Mental Well Being

Veterinary Conference, Finland, September 2021

The Science of Psychological Safety

Experts at Work, September 2021

Requirements for learning: A neuro-perspective.

Key Note Speaker

L&D Conference, Brussels, January 2022

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